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Was Klientinnen sagen/ Reviews

Was die Klientinnen sagen/ Reviews

Meine persönliche "Gebrauchsanweisung"
Die Beratung zur Typenbestimmung von Martina, hat vielem, was ich über mich schon wusste (bin auch schon alt genug dafür..;-) noch ein anderes Gewicht gegeben und mir neue Aspekte gezeigt und Zusammenhänge verständlich gemacht. Es gab mir irgendwie die finale Erlaubnis mich so zu akzeptieren, wie ich bin, und das hat schlussendlich auch restliche Zweifel aus dem Weg geräumt. Das wiederum hat einiges in Bewegung gebracht, ohne grosse Anstrengung, hauptsächlich durch das Wissen um meine persönliche «Gebrauchsanweisung». Ich würde es jederfrau (mann) wärmstens empfehlen."
Marita Rohrer, Inhaberin vom Tanzatelier (Solothurn, CH)

Eine enorme Erleichterung
"Mein Ziel mich (wieder) besser zu verstehen, wurde mehr als übertroffen.
Anhand meiner Typenbestimmung und meiner Lebenssituationen hat Martina alle Fäden intuitiv verbunden 
und mir mein Design – mein So-Sein – klar, leicht und liebevoll erklärt. 
Auch, warum ich manchmal so handle, wie ich handle.
Jetzt habe ich mein Handbuch für mich, was eine enorme Erleichterung bedeutet. Unglaublich!"
Sibylle Rösner (Kusel, Deutschland)
Innere Ruhe und Sicherheit
Deine Arbeit hat mir sehr gefallen, und ich konnte einiges für mich entdecken.
Ich verstehe immer mal wieder, warum ich auf Situationen so und nicht anders reagieren kann.
Es hat sich doch schon in manchen Situationen eine innere Ruhe und Sicherheit eingestellt, was sich richtig gut anfühlt.
Tanja Knoblauch, Musikerin (Solothurn, CH)

Überraschende Einsichten
"Eine Freundin hat mich auf die Arbeit von Martina Dresler aufmerksam gemacht.
In meinem geweckten Interesse musste ich diesem Ruf folgen. 
Zu meiner Freude wurde ich mit überraschenden Einsichten und Erklärungen beschenkt. 
Ich finde ich den Text zur Typenbestimmung, den ich bekommen habe, für mein Leben bereichernd 
und ich schöpfe immer noch daraus. Vielen Dank dafür."
Mario Merkle,  (Oberbuchsiten, CH)

Mein Leben hat an Leichtigkeit gewonnen. 
"Seit ich mit Martina das Coaching gemacht habe, kann ich mich und auch meine Mitmenschen besser verstehen. Ich weiss nun wie ich "ticke" und auf was ich achten muss, damit ich mich gut fühle.  Mein Leben hat an Leichtigkeit gewonnen.  Martina ist sehr einfühlsam und vermittelt einem die Materie auf eine gute, verständnisvolle Art." 
Jolanda Rohrer, Geschäftsfrau (Rheinfelden, CH)  

Ich fühle mich befreit. 
"Ich mache mit Martina Maltherapie. Meine schwierige Kindheit konnte ich mit der Maltherapie schon recht gut verarbeiten. Ich fühle mich befreit und hege auch keinen Groll mehr. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass mich Martina versteht und mir auch einen Weg der Lösung zeigt." 
Sabina Ernst (Rheinfelden, CH) 

 ...getting to know yourself better…  
"If you have ever wanted to learn about the person you want to be, the things you want in your life, and the way to get there, be assured that you can have the perfect person to coach you into achieving just that. Martina is an eye to your vision, and her openness will bring clarity in all areas of your life. Take a step to getting to know yourself better, and open your heart… " 
Sonja, Teacher  (Ras Al Khaimah/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

The turning point in my life  
"Dear Martina. I hope you will someday know how you have changed my life. I came to you as an insecure woman who had had a few knocks in life. I did not know quite what i was doing, all i knew that life should feel better than what it did. I wanted to find some inner peace. What i found working with you was so much more. I found myself, i learnt to love myself, stop playing roles, listen to my instincts and have the courage to face the past in order to move forward. Through working with you i have found a bliss for a life and everything else seems to just be falling into place. This has been the turning point in my life and i cant recommend you enough to people. Thank you forever XXXX " 
Rachel, Supervisor  (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

It helps me to process the difficult emotions that come with everyday life... 
 "I've been attending the 'Destress with intuitive painting' course held by Martina Dresler for about 3 months now. It helps me to 'process' the difficult emotions that come with everyday life.  The course is a great help for me as Martina is also a therapist and gives me very valuable insights into various difficulties that I'm facing mainly due to culture differences while living in Dubai.  I consider the art therapy as one of the efficient ways for improving the quality of life and enabling personal development and growth."  
Ludmila Vrazelova, IT Trainer  (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)

  ...words and art have really helped me to change my perceptions…  
"Dear Martina, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to God for sending you to help me through my trying times. Your effortless way of seeing one's pain and leading the person through words and art have really helped me to change my perceptions about my past and life in general.  I wish more and more people in distress have the good luck to cross your path in the future.  You are truly amazing!" 
Tanuka, Psychologist  (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)

I unload a heavy cargo from my back.  
"I heard and read about energy treatment but i didn't really realize its effectiveness until i tried the treatment with Ms. Martina Dresler. I was amazed how relief i felt after the session. It's like i unloaded a heavy cargo from my back. we pick up negative energy in our daily life from work, home, kids, family and it accumulated and this has an effect on us, but after the treatment i was a very happy and cheerful person. Try it and experience the result yourself. It's worth the try. " 
Hessa Ahmed Ruqait, Business Owner (Ras Al Khaimah/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

Still not smoking!  
"I didn't need it, because after our session and talk all became clear and just hit me like a bomb! The simple realisation that my smoking habit covered a problem was enough to understand where it was coming from and that I don't need it!  Absolutely, I believe your strength is in your perception/ listening skills not necessarily in the method EFT which I knew already and believe in it.  Finally it was the counseling that was needed and helps me in more areas of my life! " 
Inga, Business Owner  (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)

Uplifting and Positive  
"I really enjoyed your workshop "Awareness and serenity". It was informative and spiritual at the same time. I gained a lot from it and I learned new things about myself and processes we all go through. Expressing myself through painting was a wonderful experience and looking at my goals, what prevents me from achieving them and what can help me to achieve them was very uplifting and positive. I will come again for more…Thanks Martina!" 
Agata, Teacher  (Al Ain/Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

Es war ein Zufluchtsort  
"In Martina's Workshop >Mein innerer Garten< fühlte ich mich vom ersten Moment sehr aufgehoben und Teil der Gruppe. Martina bot uns einen geschützten Raum, in dem alle offen über Ihre Gefühle sprechen konnten. Sie führte die Gruppe auf professionelle  Art mit viel Empathie für alle Beteiligten.  Ich freue mich schon auf ihren nächsten Workshop." 
Claudia Bader  (Ras Al Khaimah/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

These lessons learned have stayed with me.  
"I signed up for the 'Inner Garden' workshop, not really knowing what to expect, but feeling that I deserved to treat myself to a day just for me, a day whose effects might last longer than a day spent at the spa! At the beginning of the day, I felt a bit skeptical, but those feelings were quickly replaced with surprise at just how easily and cleverly Martina guided me to examine what I was feeling inside, especially those thoughts and emotions that were part of my subconscious. Once these feelings had been identified, Martina carefully took me through her exercises, slowly developing my understanding of these feelings and showing me how to look at them differently, and ultimately, how to change them. These lessons learned have stayed with me, supported me and helped me to become a stronger, more confident and happier person."  
Sara, Art Director (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

Playful Art Exercises  
"The first individual counselling session I’ve had with Martina, has guided me immediately to some important missing pieces of my “life puzzle”. The easy and playful art exercises have directly connected me with the messages of my soul. Thank you Martina!"  
Johanna Lanen  (Belgium)  

I feel alive again.  
"Martina’s individual counseling sessions have saved my life! Grown up with the belief that life can be perfectly managed with an intelligent mind only,  I realized that my emotional intelligence was not developed at all! Now I can express my feelings and emotions much better. I can FEEL life again, after a long period in the darkness of depression." 
Dr. John, Dentist (Mumbai/India) 

 It was an awesome experience.  
"I have joined “Discover your inner child”, the first of Martina’s creative painting workshop and it was a great experience. Within a small group we could talk about our inner mind and feelings in a very private atmosphere and it was astonishing what was illustrated in the paintings from your inner child, if you open your mind and forget all your daily worries and importance. Just to enjoy the painting process gave me a kind of recreation. And after that I have to say how beneficial it was for me just to paint. I will use it more often in my daily life. Thanks Martina."  
Jaqueline, Med. Assistant (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

A perfect setting  
"My last trip to Dubai was overshadowed by personal difficulties and I am so happy that I have met Martina. She invited me to join her 2nd Painting Workshop (Self-esteem and Identity) in Ras Al Khaimah. I had a good reason to join in, and the reason was to take a break just to reload my inner strength, my powerful resources. In that workshop I had the opportunity to communicate with my inner voice in a very warmhearted, secure setting. From the very beginning I felt accepted and welcome, which is an important fact to let your spirit flow. Martina guided us in a very respectful, careful and professional way and so it was fun to play with the colors and to get in touch with my feelings and emotions. I am so happy and thankful, that I can now live my life of "inner luxury", in the here and now, with the knowledge that nobody has the power to manipulate or influence me in a way that makes me feel weak."  
Nicole, Graphic Designer (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate)  

Life-enhancing experience  - (Eine bereichernde Erfahrung)
"Your workshop was a great and life-enhancing experience for me that gave me lots of inner peace and joy. I was able to relax. Painting with brushes and fingers was a release for my soul and pulled me back into childhood memories. The environment of the hotel in the desert is also a perfect place for that workshop where I did benefit from that peace and nature. It was an all around perfect experience and I really can recommend Martina’s workshops."  (Dein Workshop war ein grossartiges und bereicherndes Experiment für mich, das mir viel Freude und inneren Frieden gegeben hat. Ich war in der Lage zu entspannen! Malen mit Pinsel und Fingern war eine Befreiung für meine Seele, und brachte mich zurück zu Kindheitserinnerungen. Das Hotel in der Wüste ist obendrein ein perfekter Ort für diesen Workshop. Der Frieden und die Natur dort waren eine Wohltat für mich. Es war rundum eine perfekte Erfahrung, und ich kann Martina’s Workshops wirklich empfehlen.) 
Barbara Jaedicke  (Dubai/ Vereinigte Arab. Emirate) 
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